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Malvertising Prevention
& Ad Quality Solution

What is AdSecure?

360 degree monitoring and protection for your ad supply chain by automating your ad verification process before ad campaigns go live & while they are running.

Eliminate malicious ads
Detect non-compliant & low quality ads
Identify unsafe & offensive ad content
Measure ad performance against industry standards

Who We Help?


Keeping websites free from malvertising, unsafe and non-compliant ad content.

Ad Platforms

Automating compliance tasks and assisting teams to drive high quality ad delivery, meet industry standards and be free of malvertising.

End users

Protection from malicious attacks, unsafe ad content, slow loading ads and a negative browsing experience.

Why monitor your ads?

Brand Reputation

Build Trust

Google Ranking

Revenue Growth

What violations we detect?

User Security

Malware, Randsomware, Scareware, Phishing, Browser locker, ...

User Experience

Auto downloads, Auto redirects, Back button hijack, Landing page error, ...

User Advisory

Unsafe ad content including NSFW adult & Violence, non-compliance of IAB Standards, ...

How we do it?

Stopping malvertising is not a simple problem to fix. Our comprehensive, three-staged strategy gives you a full detection and protection arsenal:

Pre-flight verification

Perform deep analysis of your ad campaigns before they launch.

Active monitoring

Keep analysing your ad campaigns while they are active.

Real-Time Blocking

On the client side, perform real-time verifications before rendering the ads.

Start a Free Trial

Getting started takes a couple of minutes and you will then have access to:

+ 100,000 test scans
+ 1 GB of residential bandwidth
+ 1 GB mobile carrier bandwidth

The free-trial will last for 14 days after you have activated your account, and our Customer Success Specialists will guide you through our platform and large range of features, as well as answering any questions you have while testing our platform.