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We deliver constant detection and notification for security, compliance and quality issues hiding within your digital ad supply chain.


Who We Help


Strengthen brand partner confidence.
Keep users safe and engaged.

Ad Platforms

Drive high quality ad delivery.
Maintain a strong reputation.

Ad Operations Teams

Make informed decisions.
Deliver amazing digital user experiences.

Some of our partners


"Since its integration to our platform and network, AdSecure has become a key "go-to" tool in maintaining Traffic Factory's high quality in advertising standards. The depth of different scans possible, the tools made available, an easy to navigate and user-friendly platform and the exceptionally high customer support. These are only some of the points which made the decision to partner with AdSecure paramount in maintaining and exceeding our clients exceptionally high standards. AdSecure is a must, if you are serious about your clients' and network users' security!"

Takanori Kanto, Sales Director.


How We Help

Key Features


Banners, Popunders, Smartlinks,
Native ads, RTB feeds.

Global Proxy

Including Datacenter, Mobile
3G/4G & Residential.

Real-time Alert

Via email, Callback URL or
AWS notification.

Complete API

Learn more about it
in Github.

Control Panel

Enhanced user interface and
user friendly dashboard.

Intelligence API

Real-time pre-launch ad
campaign verification.

Developers First


  1. mutation {
  2. createAnalysis(input: {
  3. content: ""
  4. }) {
  5. id
  6. status
  7. violations
  8.  }
  9. }


  1. {
  2.    "data": {
  3.    "analysis": {
  4.    "id":
  6.    "content": "",
  7.   "status": "DONE",
  8.    "violations": ["phishing-url"]
  9.     }
  10.   }
  11. }

AdSecure API powered by GraphQL

Feel confident integrating AdSecure's API which offers significantly greater flexibility and agility for our integrators.

Compared with other standard API, our API lets you replace multiple REST requests with a single call to fetch the data you specify, allowing you to define exactly the data you want and only the data you want.  

Designed with precision, speed and stability in mind, AdSecure's API is your best choice when it comes to building a powerful, completely automated ad verification and ad monitoring solution.  


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AdSecure is verified as a member of the TAG Registry by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). TAG is an advertising industry initiative that fights criminal activity across the digital advertising supply chain.
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