We deliver constant detection and notification for security, compliance and quality issues hiding within your digital ad supply chain.


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Strengthen brand partner confidence.
Keep users safe and engaged.

Ad Platforms

Drive high quality ad delivery.
Maintain a strong reputation.

Ad Operations Teams

Make informed decisions.
Deliver amazing digital user experiences.

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"Working with AdSecure is a pleasure, they offer a highly dedicated and professional service with a great team of people always on hand to answer any questions we have or offer advice to keep our network protected. AdSecure has the best security scanning we have encountered, we've used all the competitors in the past and no one can touch the accuracy of AdSecure!"

Ross Allan, General Manager.


How We Help

Key Features


Banners, Popunders, Smartlinks,
Native ads, RTB feeds.

Global Proxy

Including Datacenter, Mobile
3G/4G & Residential.

Real-time Alert

Via email, Callback URL or
AWS notification.

Complete API

Learn more about it
in Github.

Control Panel

Enhanced user interface and
user friendly dashboard.

Intelligence API

Real-time pre-launch ad
campaign verification.

Developers First


  1. mutation {
  2. createAnalysis(input: {
  3. content: "https://evildomain.com/?id=2789431"
  4. }) {
  5. id
  6. status
  7. violations
  8.  }
  9. }


  1. {
  2.    "data": {
  3.    "analysis": {
  4.    "id":
  6.    "content": "https://evildomain.com/?id=2789431",
  7.   "status": "DONE",
  8.    "violations": ["phishing-url"]
  9.     }
  10.   }
  11. }

AdSecure API powered by GraphQL

Feel confident integrating AdSecure's API which offers significantly greater flexibility and agility for our integrators.

Compared with other standard API, our API lets you replace multiple REST requests with a single call to fetch the data you specify, allowing you to define exactly the data you want and only the data you want.  

Designed with precision, speed and stability in mind, AdSecure's API is your best choice when it comes to building a powerful, completely automated ad verification and ad monitoring solution.  

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In our Q2 violations report cyber criminals ramped up their attacks for Spring, AdSecure observed a major increase in detections for Adware and Scareware violations compared to Q1.
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AdKernel & AdSecure announce new integration to stop ad cloaking attacks & protect RTB and PPC campaigns against digital threats

This new integration is designed to drive a more secure digital advertising ecosystem for clients of both companies.
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Introducing the latest AdSecure detection: Uncommon Protocols

Uncommon protocols are very annoying to end users because they can lead to automatic prompts to open or send a message in Facetime or via SMS, launch Skype calls, or automatically open apps like iTunes without the user consenting to the action.
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