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brand safety online advertising

Protect your online business! The Importance of Brand Safety

Online brand safety should be at the top of online companies' priority list, keeping brand reputation safe with AdSecure.
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Malicious URL

AdSecure Violation: What Is a Malicious URL?

Malicious URLs are inserted into ads with the intent of hosting all kinds of unsolicited content such as spam and phishing.
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Malicious ad campaigns damage the advertising ecosystem

What is Malvertising? And how to stop it

Malvertising is distributed throughout the digital advertising ecosystem, here we explain what is Malvertising? And how to stop it.
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How to prevent malvertising

How to prevent malvertising with AdSecure’s new RTB Integration

How to prevent Malvertising in the programmatic advertising ecosystem with AdSecure's new RTB integration.
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ad compliance

DMEXCO Report: The need to highlight the importance of ad compliance

Read our DMEXCO report! After meeting with ad tech companies, there is a need to hightlight the importance of ad compliance.
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Ad compliance at DMEXCO

Find out about EXADS and AdSecure’s ad compliance integration at DMEXCO

The lack of ad compliance and bad quality ads are highly damaging for ad serving platforms. This is where AdSevure comes into play!
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Tech Support Scams

Tech Support Scams increase as global prices soar

With the rise of global prices AdSecure is detecting more and more tech support scams as Malvertisers ramp up their activities. 
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AdSecure is exhibiting at DMEXCO

DMEXCO is Europe’s leading digital marketing & tech event and AdSecure is exhibiting with our partner, white-label ad serving technology solution EXADS. The show is held in Cologne, Germany from
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Threat Intelligence: AdSecure’s URL security checker

The AdSecure Threat Intelligence service acts as the first line of defense against cybersecurity risks in Ad campaigns.
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US EU ad security

How does the EU compare to the US for ad security in 2022?

Discover what cyber criminals did in the EU and the US during Q1 & Q2 2022, and get useful insights into ad security to protect the end user.
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malicious ad campaigns

Detection of Malicious Ad Campaings: AdSecure releases Q1 & Q2 Violations Report 2022

For AdSecure's Violations Report, we analyzed over 100 million ad campaigns looking for insights into cyber criminal behavior in Q1 & Q2.
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Ad Cloaking prevented by AdSecure

What is Ad Cloaking? Learn how to detect and eliminate it

Ad Cloaking can hide from ad scanning tools or manual compliance checks, and can go completely undetected by ad platforms and publishers.
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