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How to monitor your ad inventory

Publishers! How to monitor your ad inventory with the Ad Discovery feature

Are you a publisher that wants to learn how to monitor your ad inventory to avoid bad ads? Use AdSecure's Ad Discovery feature!
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real-time protection of online ads

How real-time malvertising protection helped Pushground

Pushground uses AdSecure’s API for real-time malvertising protection. This has enabled Pushground to have an automated real-time ad compliance and ad security solution.
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New Devices for mobile advertising ad security

Update! New Devices added for mobile advertising ad security

Great News! We've updated our device list and added some new devices of the most commonly used in the mobile digital marketplace today.
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Malvertising scams

Malvertising scams: Malware, Browser Locker and Scareware

Ad networks and publishers serving these Malvertising scams via malicious ads to end users, will suffer damage to their online brand.
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Back Button Hijack

How to stop Back Button Hijack

According to AdSecure’s Violations report 2022, 18.9% of User Experience Violations were Back Button Hijacks. Eliminate this threat with AdSecure!
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Ad security

Ad Security Alert! AdSecure's Violations Report 2022

AdSecure Violations Report analyzes over 296 million scans globally on 2022 to provide insights into cybercriminal malvertising behavior!
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Meet with AdSecure at TES Affiliate Conferences

Meet with Customer Success Manager Guandi Bai and Business Development Manager Jordan Franken at TES Affiliate Conferences.
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online brand reputation

The damage Malvertising can do to your online brand reputation

Keeping a great online brand reputation is important to reach new customers and keep them loyal to the brand. Protect it with AdSecure!
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Digital threat predictions for 2023

Digital threat and ad security predictions for 2023

At AdSecure, we wanted to share with you some of our ad security and digital threat predictions for 2023 to help you get your ad security up-to-date.
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brand safety online advertising

Protect your online business! The Importance of Brand Safety

Online brand safety should be at the top of online companies' priority list, keeping brand reputation safe with AdSecure.
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Malicious URL

AdSecure Violation: What Is a Malicious URL?

Malicious URLs are inserted into ads with the intent of hosting all kinds of unsolicited content such as spam and phishing.
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Malicious ad campaigns damage the advertising ecosystem

What is Malvertising? And how to stop it

Malvertising is distributed throughout the digital advertising ecosystem, here we explain what is Malvertising? And how to stop it.
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