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Malvertising and ad platforms

5 things Ad Platforms need to know about Bad Ads

Ad Platforms don’t take enough action to eliminate malvertising before it ends up on a Publisher’s site, here are 5 things that Ad Platforms need to know about bad ads.
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Client Case Study: Complete elimination of Malware attacks

How AdSecure eliminated Malware attacks and ensured a 95% decrease in Browser Locker and forced redirect attacks for client Traffic Factory.
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AdSecure releases 2020 Violations Report

For this report AdSecure analysed more than 1 million ad campaigns across multiple regions, devices, and browsers for partners between 1st January to 31st December 2020.
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AdSecure to virtually attend Internext

AdSecure's Bryan Taylor will be virtually attending Internext from the 10-11 February 2021.
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User Experience in 2021: Three Predictions for the digital ads ecosystem

Lets take a look at some key predictions that could impact user experience in the coming year.
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How do you deliver high ad quality?

How to build the right strategy against threats, poor user experience issues and get insights into ad performance to ensure you show high quality ads.
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How non HTTPS resources can harm end user security and revenues

While many digital ad campaigns today are delivered using HTTPS for primary resources, non-secure HTTP subresources can still be present and will be blocked on websites in Chrome.
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AdSecure IAB Standards

Inside AdSecure: IAB Standards

Keep the ads shown on your platform compliant with IAB recommendations using our IAB Standards widget and related detections.
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AdSecure releases Content Classification feature

Content Classification is a suite of classification solutions designed to help AdSecure partners both understand and control the visual elements within their digital ad content.
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AdSecure is 'virtually' attending DMEXCO@home 23 & 24 September.
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A Problem for Publishers - The high cost of fighting malvertising ineffectively

Some publishers are employing an expensive non-technical solution to try to stop malvertisers: Hedging.
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Solution Architect AdSecure

Meet Miquel, a Solution Architect at AdSecure

Miquel is part of the tech team at AdSecure, we had the pleasure of interviewing him to find out more about his role at AdSecure.
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