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A Problem for Publishers - The high cost of fighting malvertising ineffectively

Some publishers are employing an expensive non-technical solution to try to stop malvertisers: Hedging.
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Solution Architect AdSecure

Meet Miquel, a Solution Architect at AdSecure

Miquel is part of the tech team at AdSecure, we had the pleasure of interviewing him to find out more about his role at AdSecure.
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Permissions API AdSecure

Inside AdSecure: Permissions API

Find out more about our new Permissions API feature with this explanation and video tutorial.
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Meet us at Webmaster Access

If you are a publisher or ad network attending the show, book a meeting with us by emailing
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Meet Merle, a Customer Success Specialist at AdSecure

Find out how Merle helps clients get the most out of AdSecure's platform.
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Inside AdSecure: How Ad Discovery works

Find out more about our new Ad Discovery feature with this explanation and video tutorial.
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Crisis Opportunity: How malvertisers are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic

AdSecure exposes how malvertisers exploit users during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Inside AdSecure: How Threat Intelligence works

Find out more about our new Threat Intelligence feature with this explanation and video tutorial.
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AdSecure releases its 2019 Security Violations Report

AdSecure analysed more than 1 million ad campaigns across multiple regions, devices, and browsers for partners between 1st January to 31st December 2019.
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AdSecure launches Ad Discovery, Threat Intelligence & Permission Detection

AdSecure, the innovative cybersecurity company has released a series of new features for clients.
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AdSecure is attending TES Affiliate Conference, Cascais

AdSecure’s Sales Manager Bryan Taylor and Customer Success Specialist Merle Duchatteau are attending the TES Affiliate Conference in Cascais, Portugal 28 February - 2 March 2020.
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Team AdSecure’s favourite places in Barcelona

During MWC go to places that locals enjoy to get a real feeling of Barcelona’s diverse cultural offerings. Team AdSecure all live in Barcelona, so here are their favourite places to drink, eat and visit!
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