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AdSecure’s Market Outlook: 4 Ad Security Predictions 2024

By Guandi

December 15, 2023

01 Ad Secure’s Market Outlook 4 Ad Security Predictions 2024

Find out the top 4 Ad Security Predictions 2024: As technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, the landscape of digital advertising is set to undergo significant transformations in 2024. With these advancements, however, also come new challenges and risks. Advertisers, marketers, and tech enthusiasts alike must be prepared to navigate the complex world of ad security. At AdSecure we are committed to help Ad Networks and Publishers protect their online businesses and the end user - Not only with our 360 Malvertising Prevention and Ad Quality Solution, but also offering useful market insights and resources such as our quarterly Violation Reports. On this occasion, we will delve into significant forecasts regarding advertising security in 2024 and elaborate on strategies for industry participants to remain at the forefront.

#1 of 4 Ad Security Predictions 2024: Prevent AI-powered threats with AdSecure

The first one of the 4 Ad Security Predictions 2024 is that, in 2024, we anticipate a rise in the frequency of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered threats within the digital advertising landscape. As AI becomes increasingly sophisticated, malicious actors are adapting their techniques accordingly. Cybercriminals are expected to exploit advanced AI algorithms to create more convincing and targeted Phishing campaigns, including illegitimate Deepfake content. This poses a significant risk to the entire advertising ecosystem, particularly impacting end users who will be browsing websites and potentially clicking on the corrupted ads.

To counteract these evolving threats, collaboration between digital marketers and security professionals that provide Ad Compliance and Ad Security automated tools is essential, and you can prevent AI-powered threats with AdSecure. Developing advanced solutions that leverage AI algorithms can effectively identify manipulated visuals and audio before the campaign is live. This approach enhances the approval process for ad content before launch, fortifying defenses against the potential harms posed by sophisticated AI-driven attacks. On top of that, by monitoring the campaigns post-launch in real-time, these systems prevent Malvertisers from changing legitimate ads into infected or malicious ones later on as the campaign runs - A tactic widely used by Malicious Advertisers in order to bypass pre-launch checks.

#2 Malvertising techniques continue to evolve and innovate

Malvertisers never cease to experiment new tactics in order to lure unsuspecting victims - As end users adapt and learn to avoid current Malvertising schemes, Malvertisers also adapt, and new tactics are regularly being redeveloped to continue tricking them into clicking on Malicious ads! This year has brought several new developments in the realm of Malware, introducing a novel threat known as "Invisible Adware."

Despite being downloaded over two million times from the Google Play Store similarly to Malicious APK Files, this stealthy Malware Download threat manages to display ads on mobile devices even when the screen is turned off. In the best case scenario, victims may experience a quicker drain on their device's battery. In the worst case, the Malware can be surreptitiously installed without the end user's awareness. Another noteworthy advancement is the emergence of Love-GPT, an AI-powered tool designed to craft realistic personas on popular dating apps.

Anticipating the evolution of Malvertisers in 2024, it's crucial to recognize the continuous emergence of new threats for end users. Therefore, it becomes paramount for Ad Networks and Publishers to deploy robust ad security solutions. Safeguarding the content delivered to the audience is essential to mitigate the risks associated with various types of Malware.

#3 Blockchain for ad transparency and against ad fraud

Concerns about ad fraud and the lack of transparency have plagued the digital advertising industry for years - Make sure to read our article about Gambling Fraud and Malvertising in Brazil to learn more about Malvertising attacks and ad fraud in this GEO. In 2024, blockchain technology, originally developed to establish and sustain cryptocurrencies, is poised to play a crucial role in addressing these issues. By implementing decentralized ledgers, Advertisers can ensure greater transparency in ad transactions, reducing the risk of fraud and providing verifiable data on ad impressions.

This shift towards blockchain-backed solutions will enhance trust within the ecosystem, bringing efficiency and a host of benefits to the digital advertising space, such as being open-source, transparent, immutable, and automated. It significantly improves ad fraud prevention and ad performance. For example, Toyota’s use of blockchain resulted in a 21% increase in ad performance for its key products.

#4 How to protect end user privacy against Malvertising

Malvertising threats such as RansomwareBrowser Locker and Scareware threaten to impair end user privacy, and the ad tech industry is taking notice! The year 2024 will witness a sustained global implementation of rigorous privacy regulations, driven by a growing emphasis on user privacy. This will significantly impact how Advertisers collect, store, and use consumer data for targeting purposes. Advertisers will need to adapt their strategies to comply with these regulations while still delivering personalized and relevant content. Transparency and user consent will play a pivotal role in maintaining trust and compliance.

Conclusion: 4 Ad Security Predictions 2024

As we anticipate 2024, the digital advertising landscape is poised for transformation driven by technological advancements and continuously evolving security threats. Given the dynamic nature of ad security challenges, collaboration within the industry will be more critical than ever. Digital marketers and industry stakeholders must proactively tackle these challenges by embracing innovative technologies, adhering to privacy regulations, and sharing threat intelligence and security protocols. By remaining vigilant and fostering collective efforts, the digital advertising industry can respond more effectively to emerging challenges and build a more secure ecosystem for the future.

AdSecure will also continue evolving and bringing the best practices for our trusted clients who are eager to contribute their efforts to a safer digital world! Get in touch with us to learn more about AdSecure’s 360 tools to protect Publishers, Ad Networks, Advertisers and end users against Malvertising threats, how to stop Invisible Malware threat with AdSecure, or any other questions, or sign up now to test out our platform for free with our Free Trial!

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