AdKernel & AdSecure announce new integration to stop ad cloaking attacks & protect RTB and PPC campaigns against digital threats

Dublin/New York 27th August 2019 - AdKernel, the leading white label ad serving provider, and AdSecure, the rapidly growing ad security startup, are excited to announce the launch of a new, comprehensive integration designed to drive a more secure digital advertising ecosystem for clients of both companies. 

The collaboration will see AdSecure’s innovative ad quality solution integrated with AdKernel’s leading products suite to provide all AdKernel clients protection from ad cloaking & IP blacklisting attacks by putting AdSecure’s global network of Residential proxies in their hands. In turn this integration allows AdSecure to provide ad quality support for RTB & PPC campaigns to all joint clients of AdKernel & AdSecure. 

AdSecure’s Product Manager, Mathieu Derval, commented, “We are thrilled to announce this new collaboration with AdKernel. From our very first meetings with their team, they immediately understood our vision, and our approach to securing ads against the most modern, sophisticated digital threats out there today. To provide all Adkernel clients protection against ad cloaking attacks — that often allow malware and other serious threats to slip through the cracks — along with being able to safeguard RTB and PPC demand for all our clients in common,marks a big step forward for our platform by widening our global reach in protecting end users and publishers from cyber criminal activity.”

“We’re excited to be working with AdSecure and to make it available within our platform solutions for our RTB Exchange, Header Bidding, PPC and white-label DSP. Their product is robust and a good fit for many networks who need to ensure they have effective real-time solutions for automated monitoring the quality of their advertising,” AdKernel CEO Eugene Peresvyetov said of the integration.

AdSecure will be integrated as a solution within AdKernel’s leading products suite as of today AdKernel clients will also have the added bonus of access to all of AdSecure’s detection features including Multi-ad format protection by scanning for and detecting a multitude of digital threats, including malware, ransomware, browser lockers, forced redirects, and many more. 

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