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Boost your ad quality with the AdSecure API Callback feature

By Guandi

August 16, 2023

11 Boost Your Ad Quality With the Ad Secure API Callback Feature 2

As digital advertising continues to evolve, ensuring ad quality and brand safety has become a top priority for advertisers, publishers, and ad networks alike. In fact, according to the latest AdSecure Violations Report, there has been an increase of 55.1% in cybercriminal activity in quarter 2 2023! So, to combat the persistent threat of malicious ads and fraudulent activities, innovative ad safety and quality solutions are necessary. AdSecure's powerful API Callback feature enables users to promptly detect violations upon scanning and swiftly halt campaigns. In this blog, we'll delve into the world of AdSecure’s API Callback and explore how this tool empowers businesses to fortify their ad quality management efforts effectively and effortlessly, stopping any form of malicious advertising in its tracks before end users can be exposed to them. Continue reading this blog to find out what is the AdSecure API Callback feature, the benefits of the AdSecure API Callback feature, how to easily integrate AdSecure's ad verification tools into your ad server, boost your ad quality and protect your online business against malvertising threats as you suspend malicious campaigns instantly with this useful tool!

What is the AdSecure API Callback feature and how does it work?

So, exactly what is the AdSecure API Callback feature? AdSecure’s API Callback is a dynamic feature that allows ad networks to integrate AdSecure's ad verification capabilities directly into their ad serving systems and enables them to block malicious ad campaigns on the spot. It acts like a bridge between the ad platform and AdSecure's sophisticated algorithms, enabling real-time monitoring and analysis of ad campaigns in order to eliminate ad security threats to the end user such as PhishingBack Button Hijack and Malicious URL attacks, amongst many others. By integrating this feature into their ad serving systems, our ad network clients can receive instant feedback on the quality and safety of their ads, ensuring a proactive approach to protecting their brand reputation along with their publisher client’s end users. The AdSecure API Callback feature boosts your ad quality through a simple yet robust process:

1- Request Initiation: AdSecure’s ad network clients can initiate the API Callback feature by integrating AdSecure's API into their ad serving platform. The API serves as a secure communication channel, enabling safe data exchange between the client’s ad platform and AdSecure's verification engine. You can now start to protect your online business against malvertising threats.

2- Real-Time Scanning: When an ad is requested for display or about to be served, the ad serving platform transmits the ad creative’s URL as well as the necessary scanning requirements (targeted devices, browsers, countries, etc.) to AdSecure's verification engine through the API. AdSecure then promptly conducts a real-time scan to identify potential threats, including malware, malicious code, or inappropriate content embedded in redirects or landing pages.

3- Instant Feedback: Once the ad is analyzed, AdSecure's API Callback feature provides immediate feedback to the ad platform regarding the ad's quality and safety, as well as any potential issues found during the scan. All notifications will be sent as POST requests and include a JSON payload. This feedback empowers AdSecure’s clients to take prompt action to suspend malicious campaigns, rectify any problems and ensure that only safe and clean ads are served to website end users, which allows to boost ad quality instantly!

Benefits of the AdSecure API Callback feature

The main benefits of the AdSecure API Callback feature are that, by configuring your endpoint to suspend campaigns immediately upon AdSecure's detection of malicious activity, you make sure to boost your ad quality, and also end users are shielded from the risks associated with engaging with harmful ads, such as RansomwareAuto Downloads, and other Malvertising scams. This means that they will no longer be subjected to forceful redirects to potentially dangerous sites or exposed to destructive malware threats, which are a danger to their own safety as well as yours and your publishers’ brand safety.

Once you've integrated AdSecure's ad verification tools into your ad server and set up your endpoint to block malicious ad campaigns with the AdSecure API Callback feature, automating the malvertising detection and blocking process becomes a seamless endeavor, as outlined in the following 4 simple step process:

1- Create your own alert rules: You can create a custom alert rule that aligns with your specific guidelines and requirements, allowing you to monitor violations effectively.

2- Set up an alert Callback: Set up an HTTP Callback that will trigger when an alert is activated, ensuring immediate action is taken. The "ON_ALERT" trigger ensures timely intervention.

3- Set up the relevant response scans: Attach the alert rule and the Callback to relevant scans to enhance monitoring accuracy.

4- Get your endpoint ready for action: Prepare your endpoint to actively listen to Callbacks, enabling your system to take custom actions on your end, such as swiftly suspending a malicious campaign to prevent further harm.

The AdSecure API Callback feature is designed for easy and seamless integration with existing ad serving systems and ad platforms, minimizing the need for complex adjustments and enabling you to start protecting your online brand and the end users promptly and without delay. AdSecure’s ad network clients can also tailor the API Callback feature to apply specific filters and rules based on their unique ad quality requirements, so this tool can be tailored to your ad serving business’ needs.


World class ad networks such as Evadav and Pushground have integrated AdSecure to their ad supply chain monitoring practices to ensure their business, publisher clients and end users are safe at all times. Join them by using AdSecure’s API Callback and accessing a powerful solution that will enable you to boost your ad quality and safety management efforts with real-time scanning and instant feedback. With this integration, ad networks and ad ops teams can confidently deliver safe and reputable ad experiences to website publishers and their end users, ensuring trust and loyalty amongst their audiences. If you need any additional information regarding AdSecure's API Callback, please feel free to contact our support team. Or, would you like to test out AdSecure’s IP Callback feature by yourself? Why not test out our 14-day free trial and see what AdSecure can do for your online ad business now!

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