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Brand new AdSecure detection: Keyword-Crypto!

By Anna

June 28, 2022


With the rapid growth of crypto currencies over the past few years, it has drawn increasing attention from the public and investors worldwide. 2021 saw the crypto market boom, and it gave marketers a great opportunity to promote cryptocurrency campaigns and gain high profits. Despite its immense popularity, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and can be risky for traders who don't have proper understanding about the crypto market and its risks. However, Cryptocurrency is an extremely attractive vertical for advertisers and affiliates to push to consumers. But also, many are using fake offers or non-compliant ads to push these offers. Therefore, AdSecure has released a new detection to help publishers and ad networks identify crypto ads and check for compliance: Keyword - Crypto Violation.

Crypto safety: banned across EU and Asia

Some governments have restricted or banned the use of cryptocurrencies to avoid such digital assets destabilizing their financial systems. Some other countries have moved to rein in cryptocurrency advertising due to the rising concern that misleading crypto assets promotions can prompt naive investors to start trading impulsively and lose money. In early 2022, three countries (Spain, the UK, and Singapore), took measures to regulate the advertising of cryptocurrency.

Please see below for the countries that have taken action to regulate crypto advertising or restrict the use of crypto currency:

Brand new AdSecure detection: Keyword-Crypto!

Keyword - Crypto: the new AdSecure detection

As cryptocurrency is a highly popular vertical advertisers and affiliates choose to promote, AdSecure wants to help clients keep up to date with all new financial and advertising regulations. It is our duty to protect publishers and ad networks from being exposed to misleading or non-compliant cryptocurrency promotions, so we have released our new detection: Keyword - Crypto.

As the violation name indicates, the detection is based on keyword detection. Whenever AdSecure identifies cryptocurrency-related keywords on the ad creatives or landing pages, AdSecure clients will be informed in real-time so they monitor the highlighted ads. Then clients can verify if the ads comply with their own advertising guidelines and decide whether to take any actions on these ads or not.

Not all Crypto Ads are User Advisory Violations

Same as with other violations in the User Advisory category, Keyword detection indicates the potential for suspicious activities such as scamming, stealing user's personal information etc. It is not necessary to block all ads flagged as User Advisory category violations, yet, it is our policy at AdSecure to inform clients of their potential relationship to suspicious activities so that clients can make informed decisions.

If publishers don't have any restrictions of running ads that are related to cryptocurrencies, then the following options can be considered:

#1: Tackle your Alert rules: Do not include the Keyword-Crypto violation in your Alert Rules so you will not receive any alert notifications.

#2: Whitelist your preferred domains: If you want to include the Keyword-Crypto violation in your Alert Rules but don't want to be notified of certain ads, you can whitelist the domains by using AdSecure's Allowlist Rules anytime. Check out here for How to Manage Allowlist Rules.

AdSecure's Keyword Crypto detection is available now both via API and within AdSecure's user interface. If you have any concerns or feedback regarding this detection, please feel free to contact support@adsecure.com.


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