Client Case Study: Complete elimination of Malware attacks

Here at AdSecure our mission is to provide clients with the best innovative technology to protect their end users from malvertising and deliver high quality digital ad experiences. So we wanted to share a case study from one of our clients Traffic Factory.

Traffic Factory is a premium ad network specialized in high quality traffic. The network is a pioneer of RTB and monetization for different audiences, through the combination of a market-leading publisher network and an added emphasis of premium value.

"Since its integration into our platform and network, AdSecure has become a key 'go-to' tool in maintaining Traffic Factory's high quality in advertising standards."

Takanori Kanto, Sales Director at Traffic Factory

What Traffic Factory needed from AdSecure

To ensure that their high quality traffic remained free of malicious content and was always optimized for user engagement. Traffic Factory required a powerful ad quality solution that would allow them to frequently monitor their ad content to ensure safe and high quality experiences.

Why they need needed it

To identify and eliminate potential security risks, and poor quality user experience issues within their ad delivery. There was a particular focus on malware, forced redirects and browser lockers. It is essential that users engaging with Traffic Factory’s premium quality ad content can always do so safely, in a high quality environment. 

How AdSecure addressed this need

By applying a rigorous daily monitoring solution that applied up to 5 million scans every 30 days, in combination with Ad Discovery, AdSecure’s multi-format monitoring solution on banners, native ads, and full site pages to analyse the complete user journey. In addition, AdSecure developed a service scheduler routine that ensured ad content would be analysed at all times during a given day, targeting high profile GEOs at times when malicious activity is most likely to occur. 

The outcome

The result was a complete elimination of Malware attacks between January and March 2021 and a 95% decrease in Browser Locker and forced redirect attacks.

Traffic Factory's  Takanori Kanto was very pleased with the results:

"The depth of different scans possible, the tools made available, an easy to navigate and user-friendly platform and the exceptionally high customer support are but only a few points which have made the decision to partner a relationship with AdSecure paramount in maintaining and exceeding our clients exceptionally high standards. A must if you are serious about your clients' and network users' security!"




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