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DMEXCO Industry trends digest: A shift in focus towards ad compliance and brand safety solutions

By Guandi

October 3, 2023


The past 20th and 21st September, AdSecure, one of the top ad compliance and brand safety solutions, exhibited at DMEXCO in Cologne, Germany, along with our partner, white-label ad serving technology solution EXADS. DMEXCO is Europe’s leading digital marketing & tech event connecting players within the tech ecosystem across the world, which makes it a great context to catch up with industry trends, hearing them from the horse’s mouth, and continue being ahead of the game. One pleasant surprise is that, compared to what we observed during last year’s event, there’s now a much stronger focus on ad quality and safety, with more Ad Networks and Publishers partnering with ad compliance platforms in order to adhere to high standards and regulations, and promote brand safety. Also, Programmatic advertising continues to expand its market share aiming for the stars, and big players such as Google are starting to integrate Generative AI into their advertising and marketing technologies. Continue reading this year's DMEXCO Industry trends digest to learn more!

#1 DMEXCO Industry trends digest: Huge focus shift towards ad compliance and brand safety solutions

One of the main issues we discovered during the last DMEXCO show was the lack of focus on the importance of using robust ad compliance and brand safety solutions, and we recognized the need for clean programmatic ads, promoting online brand safety for Publishers, Ad Networks and Advertisers. It does seem like our pleas have been heard, as many of the ad agencies and companies we spoke with during this year’s DMEXCO event have now partnered with one or more ad quality and ad security solution providers. It's inspiring to witness such a noticeable increase in attention to ad compliance within the digital advertising industry!

SSPs and Publishers alike are recognizing the importance of adhering to high standards and strict regulations to ensure that their ad campaigns are not only effective but also respectful of user privacy and preferences, let alone security. This focus on compliance reflects a growing awareness of the significance of trust and transparency in the digital advertising ecosystem. Consequently, we are observing a positive shift towards more responsible and ethical advertising practices, where ad quality and user experience take center stage. This trend not only benefits users by providing them with more relevant and respectful ad experiences but also sustains the overall integrity of the digital advertising landscape.

Not to mention the benefits that partnering with reputable ad safety and compliance solutions such as AdSecure can bring to both Publishers and Ad Networks, aside from promoting a healthy brand image and safety: Keeping websites free from malvertising, unsafe and non-compliant ad content, and automating Ad Network’s compliance tasks, assisting their teams to drive high quality ad delivery, meet industry standards and be free of malvertising.

#2 How to keep programmatic ads safe and clean as programmatic advertising continues to progress towards a state of maturity

Next up in this year's DMEXCO Industry trends digest, it hardly comes as a surprise: Programmatic advertising continues to thrive and expand its market share in 2023. According to Statista, programmatic advertising spending in Europe surged from $85.33 billion in 2022 to $95.58 billion in 2023, showcasing a remarkable annual growth rate of 12%. Furthermore, the market is poised for continued robust growth, with projections indicating a reach of $120.84 billion by 2026. These statistics underscore an ecosystem that is not only proficient in adapting to change but also persistent in its commitment to a privacy-first future.

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                               Programmatic advertising spending in Europe from 2017 to 2026 

                                                                      (in billion U.S. dollars) 

In 2022, a significant milestone was achieved as video advertising surpassed non-video formats in programmatic ad spending. Connected TV (CTV) emerged as the primary driver behind this transformative shift and continues to drive the growth of programmatic digital display within the video format. As a result, ad quality and ad security solutions within the ad tech industry have placed significant emphasis on the display of video formats, particularly CTV. But, how to keep programmatic ads safe and clean? AdSecure is committed to ongoing development and evolution, aligning with our clients' evolving needs to safeguard the viewing experience of their end users. And, to ensure you are serving programmatic ads that are always compliant, AdSecure offers ad compliance tools that perform RTB analysis as one of its many ad compliance and brand safety solutions. To find out more about how AdSecure's ad compliance tools that perform RTB analysis, please contact us now!

#3 Revolutionizing Advertising in the Age of Generative AI, and how to detect fraudulent content in ads with AI models

AI is really taking over the world! The third biggest trend observed at DMEXCO was the usage of Generative AI in Advertising. Big players like Google and Microsoft have already integrated Generative artificial intelligence into their advertising and marketing technologies, and more and more companies believe that generative AI is unlocking a world of creativity.

Google already used AI in its ads to suggest products for users to buy. Now, with its new and more powerful AI called Bard, it can make more complex ad campaigns, almost like the ones made by marketing experts! They also explained that advertisers can give the AI assets like pictures, videos, and textual content connecting to specific campaigns. Subsequently, the AI takes charge and employs these resources to "remix" and generate advertisements tailored to target audiences and various objectives, including sales targets.

There are also other fields Generative AI can come into play in advertising technologies, such as A/B Testing, Predictive Analytics, and Fraud Detection. Taking Ad Fraud Detection as an example, AI has already become a powerful tool for ad fraud prevention because of its ability to process large volumes of data quickly, recognize complex patterns, and adapt to evolving fraud tactics. It helps advertisers and ad platforms minimize financial losses and maintain the integrity of their advertising campaigns. Currently, to run its vast array of ad compliance and brand safety solutions, AdSecure allows you to detect fraudulent content in ads with AI models. And, in the near future, we plan to further enhance our capabilities by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning models to provide our users with the most optimized protection on ad security and brand safety - Stay tuned!

#4 Online brand safety for Publishers, Ad Networks and Advertisers

The last stop for this DMEXCO Industry trends digest. Brand safety in online advertising is crucial for safeguarding brand reputation, complying with regulations, maintaining consumer trust, optimizing ad effectiveness, and upholding ethical standards. It's an essential component of a successful and responsible advertising strategy in the digital age. To our delight, at this year's DMEXCO, we observed a growing emphasis on Brand Safety strategies as companies partnered with solution providers to safeguard their brand reputation and ensure alignment with their brand values in their marketing strategies.

AdSecure also offers cutting-edge ad compliance and brand safety solutions that provide comprehensive coverage for monitoring users' ad environment - Get in touch to know more. Our services assist advertisers and brands in enhancing their positive reputation, thereby reinforcing their online brand safety strategy, while protecting their revenue, compliance, and end users. We also want to take this opportunity and give out some suggestions on how to reinforce your brand safety:

#1 Keyword Blacklisting: Avoid placing your ads near damaging keywords by blacklisting them. Many platforms offer this feature, or you can do it through your ad network.

#2 Choose a Reliable Provider: Research ad networks or platforms thoroughly before using their services. Reputable providers ensure ad safety and offer performance analytics.

#3 Avoid Blacklisted Publishers: Steer clear of blacklisted websites, as they pose a risk to your brand reputation, regardless of attractive offers.

#4 Partner with Experts: Collaborate with Brand Safety and Ad Security experts like AdSecure to align your marketing strategy with your brand's values and protect revenue, compliance, and users.

It has been an absolute pleasure, DMEXCO!

The AdSecure team has gone to DMEXCO for the second year in a row now. Aside from once again exceeding our expectations in terms of networking opportunities, it has also given us a great chance to chat with industry players worldwide and continue learning about the ever-in-motion evolution of the tech industry. These conversations are crucial to help us better understand the potential future needs of our clients and partners, as well as the challenges that face the digital business ecosystem year on year, and into the future!

Are you looking to join Publishers and Ad Networks worldwide in keeping the ad tech ecosystem safe and compliant with one of the best ad compliance and brand safety solutions in the market? or do you want to know more about our ad compliance tools that perform RTB analysis, how to keep programmatic ads safe and clean, or detecting fraudulent content in ads with AI models? Get in touch or register for an AdSecure account today!

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