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Publishers! How to monitor your ad inventory with the Ad Discovery feature

By Guandi

March 27, 2023

21 Publishers! How to Monitor Your Ad Inventory With the Ad Discovery Feature

How can Publishers detect and stop malvertising?

Publishers often sell inventory directly to advertisers or through ad networks, and increasingly, inventory is sold through ad exchanges, which are intermediary marketplaces where advertisers can bid on inventory in real time as a publisher makes it available to them. A real-time bidding (RTB) system for programmatic advertising is naturally involved in this process. Are you a publisher that wants to learn how to monitor your ad inventory to avoid bad quality or dangerous ads? From AdSecure, we bring you the best solution to protect publishers from malvertising, Ad Discovery feature - Keep on reading to learn more!

How to monitor your ad inventory with the Ad Discovery feature 

In order to help publishers monitor and control the quality of ads served on their web and mobile site pages from all sources, AdSecure's Ad Discovery feature, is the perfect way to monitor ad inventory. This feature allows publisher clients to gain a deeper insight into the end to end visitor experience, as well as discovering what potential threats they might encounter along the way.

Why is AdSecure's Ad Discovery the best solution to protect publishers from malvertising? Because it works by first detecting and then analyzing all ads AdSecure's crawler encounters on web or mobile site pages. It engages with the ads as a real user would, performs analyses both on the main site page, and by clicking on each ad - whether it is a banner, native, pop-up, tabunder, etc. - to detect any malicious activities or potential cyber attacks an end user might be subjected to within the redirects, or on the landing pages they are sent to.

By using Ad Discovery, from first engagement with every ad encountered, to where end users go after interacting with an ad, publishers will be notified whenever violations within the ads are detected. Therefore, they can take quick action, either to inform their partners, or to pause the traffic until the issue is resolved. Most importantly, it allows publishers to provide a safe and high-quality experience for every user looking to enjoy great web content.

When reviewing reports from AdSecure's Ad Discovery analyses, you’ll see that they are slightly different from a standard AdSecure ad analysis. Ad Discovery reports provide you with a quick view of the main page analysis, then followed by each ad detected. If 5 ads are identified on the page while scanning, you will see a total of 6 reports - 1 from the main page, and 5 from each ad. The order in which reports are displayed is reports with violations first, followed by clean reports.


Publishers! How to monitor your ad inventory with the Ad Discovery feature
Ad Discovery report example

How can Ad Discovery be applied to AdSecure analyses?

Here's how to monitor your ad inventory with an AdSecure Ad Discovery analysis, in three different ways:

#1 Enable Ad Discovery on a quick analysis: The button is located on the Analysis tab in your user interface. This is great for getting an immediate report on what’s happening on your site, or in your ad creatives at the time of the scan.

#2 Ad Discovery on an ongoing project: Enable Ad Discovery on an ongoing project you create in the Projects section of the user interface for frequent monitoring of your creatives or site pages for threats and ad quality issues.

#3 Ad Discovery API Analysis: Ad Discovery can also be applied on any API analysis for automating your ad verification workflow.

Note that AdSecure's Ad Discovery feature is only available with AdSecure’s Essential Plan or above, as it takes more scans and bandwidth for analyzing the entire page and multiple ads. With smaller plans, the scans may run out very quickly.

Publishers! How to monitor your ad inventory with the Ad Discovery feature

Want to know more about how to monitor your ad inventory with Ad Discovery, the best solution to protect publishers from malvertising? Watch our video tutorial!

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