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Inside AdSecure: How to Set a Custom Referrer

By Guandi

February 17, 2022


How to set a Customer Referrer

This is an additional feature that Publisher clients can use to scan not only non-referring traffic but traffic sent from referring domains. It also provides some additional useful insights about ad campaigns. In this article we will explain how to set a Customer Referrer.

What is a referring domain?

A referring domain is the website that directs users to your web page with a backlink or hyperlink. In other words, the referring domain is where the user was before landing on your site. Referring domains are considered important in SEO as they help Webmasters identify the sources of their web traffic, for either promotional or statistical purposes.

Inside AdSecure: How to Set a Custom Referrer

Why use a Custom Referrer?

Setting a Custom Referrer is a very practical and functional feature for Publishers and Webmasters who want to scan the websites that are exposed to the users directed from specific webpages or sources. The reason behind it is that sometimes the Publisher’s partners use a list of referring domains to set custom parameters for their advertising. When this happens, with the help of the referrer feature, AdSecure clients have the capacity to set an extra parameter - a custom referrer to their scans when creating analysis or projects, which makes it possible to scan the traffic sent from certain referring domains, instead of scanning only non-referrer traffic.

A second advantage of this feature is that Publishers or Marketers can perform A/B testing together with the website scanning. It provides a scientific method for analyzing the campaign conversion performance as well as insights on the quality of the ad content exposed to the users coming from both referrer traffic and non-referrer traffic.

How to set a Customer Referrer? How does it work?

When creating a quick analysis or project in the application, you will see the option to input referrer URL in the quick view. If you wish AdSecure to scan and analyze all ads found in the page, you will need to enable our Ad Discovery feature.

Inside AdSecure: How to Set a Custom Referrer

When the analysis is done, you will be able to see the referrer URL in the report details.

Inside AdSecure: How to Set a Custom Referrer

For more information about our Customer Referrer feature please email contact@adsecure.com

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