Inside AdSecure: How Ad Discovery works

What does it do? Ad Discovery brings an entirely new way for AdSecure clients — whether you’re a publisher, ad platform, or ad operations team — to continuously monitor all ads on web and mobile site pages for malicious threats and poor quality user experiences. With Ad Discovery you gain deeper insight into the end to end visitor experience, and what potential threats they might encounter along the way.

From first engagement with every ad encountered, to where your users go after interacting with an ad, and most importantly, what security and poor quality experiences they might be exposed to on either side of their journey. 

How does it work? Simply put, Ad Discovery works by first detecting and then analysing all ads it encounters on web or mobile site pages, engaging with the ads as a user would, performing analysis both on the main site page, and by clicking on each ad — be it a banner, native, pop-up or tabunder — to detect any malicious activity a user might encounter on the landing page they are sent to. For Publishers, using Ad Discovery to monitor sites provides a complete overview of every potential threat, or poor quality experience a visitor could be subject to, allowing you to provide a safe and high quality experience for every user looking to enjoy your great content. 

In addition to analysing entire site pages, Ad Discovery can be enabled on individual ad creatives as well, to perform an additional click on banner, or native ads to detect what will be waiting for a user on the other side. 

When reviewing reports from Ad Discovery analyses, you’ll notice some changes. Ad Discovery reports provide you first with a quick view of each ad detected, showing all ads where violations were detected, followed by ads that were clean at the time of scan. Ad Discovery reports also allow you to toggle through the individual report for each ad encountered as well as the main page analysis. Ad Discovery reports can be shared with your partners as well, either from the quick view screen, or the report for each ad type detected. 

How can it be applied?

You can deploy Ad Discovery analyses in three ways:

  • Enable Ad Discovery on a quick analysis, located on the Analysis tab in your user interface. This is great for getting an immediate report on what’s happening on your site, or in your ad creative at the time of scan.
  • Enable Ad Discovery on an ongoing project you create in the Projects section of the user interface for frequent monitoring of your creatives or site pages for threats and ad quality issues.
  • Ad Discovery can also be applied on any API analysis for automating your ad verification workflow.

Who can it help?

Publishers: Ad Discovery simplifies your threat detection framework by delivering immediate insight on any threats or poor quality issues for all ads running on your pages, and doesn’t rely on historical cached data, unlike other solutions. Violations detected are live at the point of scan, and AdSecure notifies you about violations in real-time, allowing you to take immediate action on active threats both to your users, and your revenue streams. 

Ad Platforms: Deploying Ad Discovery on your active campaigns allows you to monitor threats at both the pre-click and post-click level, to detect issues that can affect users on either side of their encounter with an ad. For native platforms this is key to understanding what malicious activity your native campaigns might direct unsuspecting users to. Enhance the trust of your  Publishing partners by monitoring their site pages directly to cover all the ads you serve them. 

Ad Operations Teams: Ad Discovery identifies and interacts with the ads on your site automatically, eliminating the need to generate projects for each ad zone, saving you time by optimising your quality and compliance operations.  Ad Discovery also helps you to provide high quality user experiences by understanding how ads are displayed on websites, what content appears, and how intrusive ads might impact your visitors, allowing you to identify and eliminate poor quality issues before they can negatively impact site visitors.

Demo Watch a video tutorial

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