Inside AdSecure: How Threat Intelligence works

Threat Intelligence provides insights regarding a specific URL's ongoing violation activity revealing the potential presence of threats within the URL. The URL could be a website, pre lander/landing page or link related to an ad creative/ad campaign throughout the redirection path.

How does it work?

Threat Intelligence assesses the probability and the severity of the URLs threat by rating it’s risk from 1 to 5, 1 being very low and 5 presenting a very severe risk to end users encountering an ad associated with the URL in question.

How can an AdSecure client use it?

The Threat Intelligence feature can be accessed in three ways:

  • In the user interface of the AdSecure platform for routine spot checks
  • Via API to automate your risk assessment process
  • Via a local API to block suspicious programmatic bid responses in real-time.

Who can it help?

Programmatic platforms: Threat Intelligence helps RTB platforms to stop malicious activity at play within the highly chaotic programmatic supply chain. By assessing bid responses in real-time, within as malicious responses can be identified and blocked to ensure end user safety and secure revenue streams.

Publishers: By applying Threat Intelligence regularly, publishers can block malicious threats before their visitors can encounter them, and weed out fraudulent demand partners in the process.

Media buyers/Advertiser account managers at ad networks: Use Threat Intelligence to check campaigns pre-launch. This is useful if using third party affiliate offers where the media buyer/account manager is not aware that one of the URLs in the different stages of the redirection path has been flagged as malicious. Threat Intelligence acts as the first line of defense by providing insights on URLs within ad campaigns at the “pre-flight” stage, to eliminate potential risks before going live.

Platform tutorial

Watch our video tutorial

Threat Intelligence is available now both via API, and within AdSecure's user interface. Please contact to learn more.

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