Inside AdSecure: IAB Standards

Intro overview

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), is an advertising business organization that develops industry standards, guidelines and best practices for digital ads. When digital ads are compliant to the IAB standards they are optimised to provide the best experience for the end user. As a result, such ads consistently drive higher levels of user interest and click rates, and can be a key difference between a higher or lower conversion rate for digital ad campaigns.


How does it work?

AdSecure’s IAB Standards widget and related detections allows you to verify that your ads remain compliant with the IAB recommendations on the following aspects:

  • Ad Dimension: Verifies that ad dimensions do not exceed the IAB recommendations for specific sizes.
  • Ad Weight: Verifies that an ad’s size meets the IAB recommendations for maximum KB both on initial load and sub load.
  • Ad Request Count: Verifies that ads meet the IAB maximum recommendation of no more than 10 requests.
  • Ad File Compression: Verifies that all assets are compressed as per the IAB recommendation on file compression.


How can an AdSecure client use it?

AdSecure clients can measure the performance of their ads against the IAB standards by reviewing the details shown in the IAB Standards widget on any AdSecure report where a relevant ad has been analysed. In addition, AdSecure users can apply IAB Standards alerts to their projects, and  all API and quick analyses in order to be notified instantly when an ad does not meet one or more of the above standards.


Who can it help?

Ad Platforms: The IAB developed these standards in order to ensure all ads are optimised to deliver high quality user experiences. Ads that are compliant with the IAB’s recommended standards are shown to lead to higher levels of user engagement and overall conversion, meaning that these standards play a key role in maximising revenue with each campaign.

Publishers: In addition to helping to ensure that your web and mobile site visitors enjoy a great experience, ensuring the ads running on your pages are compliant with IAB standards also helps to avoid penalisation from Google for poor site performance, helping you to keep your site high in the rankings and visible to all potential users. 


IAB Standards is available now both via API, and within AdSecure's user interface. Please contact to learn more. 

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