Inside AdSecure: Save time with manual project cloning

Welcome to Inside AdSecure, our ongoing series that dives into different aspects of the platform, to ensure our partners always get the most out of our solution. 

In this installment we’re diving into one of AdSecure’s newest UX optimisations, the ability to duplicate pre existing projects, a great new time saving measure to help you optimise your ad compliance operations. 

The Fundamentals: How to duplicate one (or many) projects on AdSecure

When creating a single project within the AdSecure user interface, the steps are quite simple: 

  1. Give the project a name
  2. Paste the creative -- whether a script, URL, or native widget -- into the appropriate section on the setup tab
  3. Choose your GEOs for targeting using either (or a mix) of standard, residential, or mobile carrier networks. 
  4. Choose your target devices & browsers
  5. Set your scan frequency and total number of iterations, attach any relevant alert rules and/or notifications and then submit the project to start scanning

However, what if you have several campaigns to scan with either identical, or very similar parameters? Now you can opt to make a copy of a project already created, and then make any quick adjustments required rather than having to start from scratch by creating an entirely new project. 

When making a copy of a project, all of the preexisting parameters will instantly be set in the new project. The process for copying projects is quite simple in its own right:

  1. Visit the `projects` page -
  2. Choose which project you would like to copy, and click on the “make a copy” button located on the right side of the project row, in the “Actions” column (image 1 below.)
  3. Confirm when prompted by the dialog box, and then the new copy of your project will automatically enter into edit mode, so you can make whichever quick adjustments you require, such as changing the creative content, the project name, or any targeting changes required. (Image 2 below.)
  4. Once you are ready, make sure the project is set to “Running” and then click submit to launch your new project

The Pro-tip: Save time for other key tasks by copying projects in advance

Whether you have multiple creatives to scan with identical, or nearly identical GEO, device, and frequency parameters, or want to generate multiple projects at the same time to launch in future, the ability to clone your existing projects is a great way to optimise your workflow with AdSecure, giving you more time to focus on other key tasks that drive your business success.

If you want to learn more about project cloning, or other recent AdSecure UX improvements,  please contact us at

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