Meet Merle, a Customer Success Specialist at AdSecure

Having a close client relationship is very important for us here at AdSecure, Merle Duchatteau is a Customer Success Specialist, so we asked her more about her role and how she helps clients get the most out of AdSecure’s platform.


Describe the onboarding process for a new client at AdSecure

Before a client decides to join AdSecure, we offer the possibility of a free trial to show what AdSecure is all about, and how our solution can help them to detect both malicious activity and poor quality experiences that can be lurking inside their digital ad supply chain. At this early stage I’m often already involved by guiding prospective new clients on their first exploration of the AdSecure platform.

When they decide to officially partner with AdSecure, we explain all the services which are included in their membership and I provide support where needed while the client is getting ready to fully use their account.

When the client is all set up, I check in regularly with them to see how everything is going and to ensure they are aware that the team is here to help with anything they need. Team AdSecure believes that it’s important to work closely together with all our clients, because we all share the same mission: to keep ad delivery safe for great user engagement.  


And how does your role help existing clients?

Besides checking in with our clients on a regular basis, I constantly monitor their accounts. This way I can proactively get in touch with them to highlight any irregular activity or make them aware of opportunities to optimize their usage of the AdSecure platform.

Behind the scenes, I act as the voice of the client, and therefore I ensure a consistent and strong customer focus is ingrained within our internal processes, and that all our client needs are always addressed and fulfilled.


How do you educate clients about a new feature release?

When a new feature is released, we always make sure our clients are informed about this right away. Via various channels, we clearly state what the new feature is, how it works and most importantly, how it can help them to further optimise their monitoring activities.

In addition, for the bigger feature releases, we create a dedicated ‘Inside AdSecure’ article that can be found in the blog section of our website. We are also increasingly making use of video tutorials, to provide a quick and easy understanding of new features!

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