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Try out AdSecure’s Self Sign-up Free Trial and get 100,000 free scans!

By Giles

May 25, 2021


Try out AdSecure’s Self Sign-up Free Trial and get 100,000 free scans!

Being one of the best ad verification solutions on the market, AdSecure continues to bring you the most innovative technologies and keep up with advertising industry standards. Our objective is to contribute in building a compliant digital ad environment and to deliver amazing user experiences.

Recently, we released our Self sign-up option, so potential new clients can test out our features. We are happy to report that more and more ad networks, ad ops teams and publishers have been trying out the AdSecure platform and recognising the importance of how necessary it is to use AdSecure as a powerful solution that improves their ad quality and boosts brand confidence.   

So, what are you waiting for? Do you want to know how AdSecure can work for you? Then don't miss this great opportunity to try it out for a free trial. Getting started takes a couple of minutes and you will then have access to:

  • 100,000 test scans
  • 1 GB of residential bandwidth
  • 1 GB mobile carrier bandwidth

The free-trial will last for 14 days after you have activated your account, and our Customer Success Specialists will guide you through our platform and large range of features, as well as answering any questions you have while testing our platform. 

Sign up for you free trial here

To get to know more about AdSecure, explore our website www.adsecure.com

We are waiting for you!

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