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Q&A with Guandi: What is a Customer Success Team in ad safety

By Alice

January 17, 2024

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In today's competitive digital landscape, Customer Success has become a crucial aspect of driving growth and increasing company value. This is especially true when it comes to ad security products for online brands, since a great Customer Success Manager has got key information and useful advice on how to best utilize the platform to meet the brand’s security needs. At AdSecure we ensure your website or ad supply chain is protected from Malvertising attempts at all times. We have clients across the globe and believe that a key element to this wide reach is our client care provided by our Customer Success Managers. Are you an Ad Network or a Website Publisher looking for a great ad compliance platform with excellent Customer Success services? Are you wondering what a Customer Success Team is in ad safety? Read the following Q&A with AdSecure’s Customer Success Manager Guandi Bai: You will learn how she can help you make the most of our 360 Ad Security and Ad Quality platform, keeping your ad supply chain and end users safe at all times. With one of the best ad security platform with Customer Success

Q: What is a Customer Success Team in ad safety?

A: The Customer Success Team is responsible for ensuring the success and satisfaction of customers throughout their journey when using a specific company or service. Their primary goal is to understand your needs and goals and help you achieve desired outcomes using the company's products or services. They provide guidance, support, and proactive solutions to any challenges or issues you may encounter.

The role of a Customer Success Manager involves building strong relationships with customers, acting as a trusted advisor, and serving as a bridge between the customer and the company. At AdSecure we work closely with various teams within the organization to ensure that customer needs are met and that the customer's experience using our ad security platform is positive. We also identify opportunities for improvement and growth, striving to maximize the value you receive from our ad security software. I believe this is what makes AdSecure one of the best brand safety platforms with great Customer Success.

Q: How does a Customer Success Team help my business with ad security?

A: There are several ways in which a great Customer Success Manager can add value to your online business, whether you are an Ad Network or a Website Publisher. Here are the 5 main:

#1 Understanding customer needs: We provide an individualized service as we understand each client has unique needs and goals. We actively listen to our clients' feedback, identify pain points, and areas for improvement. Therefore, we are able to tailor solutions and strategies that align with client objectives, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

#2 Onboarding and additional support: When you join AdSecure, we will provide guidance and support during the initial stages. Our platform is easy to use, and we help clients quickly adapt and integrate our Malvertising Prevention & Ad Quality Solution into their operations. This approach adds time-to-value for our clients.

#3 Communication and relationship management: Once you have started, we maintain regular communication and conduct check-ins through the channel of your choice, e.g. emails or notifications. You also have the ability to customize the alert rules based on your needs. Our team can identify potential issues before they escalate, ensuring you maximize the effectiveness of your ad security. It is then up to you to decide what action you would like to take based on the scanning report.

#4 Customer Success planning: We provide plans tailored to your specific needs and objectives. These plans include measurable goals, milestones, and strategies to achieve desired outcomes. We also provide insights into the IAB Industry Standards, allowing you to see elements that may need editing in order to keep all of your ads compliant and provide the best possible end user experience, while always ensuring we align Customer Success with business objectives.

#5 Customer health monitoring: We analyze key client metrics through our internal visualization tool, OpenSearch. This tool allows us to monitor clients' quota usage rate, analyze error rates, and track scanning activities, among other metrics. By doing so, our CS team can identify any unusual behaviors from accounts and provide instant assistance. This helps enhance our clients' engagement and satisfaction with our products and services.

This is in my opinion why we are one of the best ad security platforms with Customer Success!

What are Customer Success Team goals in ad security?

A: It is important to ask what a Customer Success Team in ad safety can do differently for you. A Customer Success Team possesses a unique set of skills and goals that differentiate them from general support roles. While both roles focus on customer satisfaction, a Customer Success Manager goes beyond providing basic support and aims to ensure the long-term success of the customer and their business.

The main team goal that I believe is most effective to our clients is the research we conduct into industry and market trends. The digital landscape is ever evolving and so are the ways in which your advertisements can be corrupted with malicious code and scams. An example of a development in the industry would be stealth viruses AKA Invisible Adware placed on websites and ads that cannot always be detected by regular antivirus programs.

For this reason we provide residential and mobile IP addresses to avoid stealth viruses. We recommend that our clients scan in more locations, in other languages and across different devices. This will help show where the malicious advertisers truly are. I believe this makes AdSecure a brand safety platform with great Customer Success.

Q: What are the benefits of using AdSecure?

A: AdSecure is currently one of the best ad security platforms with Customer Success. In my opinion there are many benefits that come from using AdSecure, some of which I have already mentioned in this article. Here are the top 5 features that make AdSecure a great ad security and compliance resource:

#1 Customize and manage the Alert Rules: This allows the client to identify the elements they would like to flag and the elements that are less of a priority.

#2 Active Monitoring: AdSecure is an automated software that will not only go through the content but the in-between redirects that may pop up to ensure all elements of the consumer journey is secure. These scans occur before, during and after the ad upload. This means that any malicious ad will be detected pre-launch and will not make it into the ad supply chain. Post-launch scans are equally as helpful to detect potential compliant links being swapped with malicious ones by Malvertisers after launch, whilst the ads are live!

#3 Residential and Mobile IPs: This allows the client to check the ad security for multiple locations, which expands and optimizes ad safety and provides a better customer experience.

#4 Threat Intelligence: The Threat Intelligence tool performs a behavioral analysis on specific URLs to estimate the probability and the severity of violations, so that potential risks can be eliminated before going live.

#5 IAB compliance: IAB Standards detections assist with your ad quality and ad compliance. It will show a risk score of 0-5 based on previous data we have collected, helping you to make the right choice in website placement and enhance AdSense. They are designed to stop bad ads damaging your online brand reputation. We help Ad Networks and Publishers in their task to educate their Advertisers to be aware of the importance of following Industry Standards in order to procure a safe and secure online experience for the end user.

Q: Why did you become a Customer Success Manager in ad security?

A: I do enjoy communicating with my customers; helping them to resolve potential issues and answer any question that they may have promptly, using my communication skills and empathy. I think that I have great skills when it comes to helping the client in driving business growth by acting as a bridge between them and the technical team. Lastly, I enjoy helping to integrate the client onto the platform and pinpoint challenges that may occur and highlight opportunities. These are the main reasons I am so passionate about Customer Success in ad security!

¨When our customers succeed, we succeed.¨


Finding a great ad security platform with a professional and talented Customer Success Team is paramount to achieve great results and keep your online brand safe at all times. In this blog we asked, what a Customer Success Team in ad safety can do for you? The AdSecure Customer Success Team always tries to ensure that our clients understand how to best use the tools available in order to have the best user experience while using our platform. The team is available to put the time into getting to know you and your business in order to provide you with the best solutions for all your ad security and compliance needs. Making AdSecure one of the best ad security platforms with Customer Success.

Because the digital landscape is evolving constantly, and with it, so do Malvertisers’ scam methods, in 2024, your company's new year resolution should be to take ad security seriously! We make it extra easy to protect your ad supply chain with AdSecure’s automated 360 degree monitoring and protection platform. Get in touch with us to organize a meeting with our team, or why not sign up for a Free Trial now?

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