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What you need to know about AdSecure's Digest Report: Monthly malvertising and ad quality report

By Guandi

July 17, 2023

What You Need to Know About Ad Secure's Digest Report  Monthly Malvertising and Ad Quality Report

If you are an AdSecure user, as you know, AdSecure provides an excellent level of customer support compared to other similar solutions, whether it is walking through newly released features or assisting with maximizing the usage of our product range to help you combat malvertising attacks and poor ad quality. In order to make full use of AdSecure's global data and continue providing our clients with additional value, we'd like to introduce AdSecure's monthly malvertising and ad quality report. Called AdSecure's Monthly Digest Report, it is an in-depth overview of what is happening in your ad supply chain.

AdSecure's monthly malvertising and ad quality report

Malvertising and ad quality violations can seriously affect your business. AdSecure's customer success team periodically conducts Digest Reports for clients. These reports aim to provide ad security insights for ad operation teams regarding malvertising trends and ad quality trends, and more importantly, allow them to compare their statistics with other AdSecure users to evaluate overall performance. In your AdSecure monthly Digest Report, you will receive:

Comprehensive Overview

The report provides a comprehensive overview of the client's specific statistics on violations detected during the month, including information on geolocations, devices, browsers, ad formats and more. This allows the client to gain a detailed understanding of the nature and extent of violations embedded within the ad campaigns they are serving. This information provides monthly key ad security insights for ad operation teams.

Ad Secure Monthly Digest Report for publishers and ad networks

Actionable Insights

By analyzing your statistics within the report, you can get valuable ad security insights for ad operation teams by identifying patterns and trends related to violations. For example, which are the most targeted devices for malvertising? Which are the most targeted geolocations for malvertising? Which are top violations detected on specific devices? This empowers you to take proactive measures and make informed decisions to optimize the campaigns being served and mitigate compliance risks based on the data presented.

Monthly malvertising and ad quality report for publishers and ad networks

Performance Evaluation

AdSecure's monthly malvertising and ad quality report enables you to assess campaign performance by comparing individual statistics against the total data from AdSecure global users. This benchmarking helps you measure how the campaigns are performing relative to industry standards and identify areas for optimization and improvement.

Monthly malvertising and ad quality report for publishers and ad networks

Communication and Collaboration

The report can serve as a communication and collaboration tool between the ad operation team and the management. It can be a valuable source used to report each month's ad performance, discuss findings, drive strategies, or redefine existing advertising guidelines. 

Overall, the report can offer a comprehensive analysis of your ad quality, and your monthly malvertising trends. This aids in facilitating the ad operation teams in analyzing their ad compliance issues and develop new strategies to continuously improve their ad serving  efforts to help ensure maximum revenues while protecting end users for malicious ads and providing an excellent and engaging ad experience.

Get your monthly malvertising and ad quality report for ad networks and publishers now!

If you want to get monthly ad security insights for ad operation teams and you are already an AdSecure client, please contact your customer success manager for further information about this additional service. If you are interested in our Digest Reports but not an AdSecure client yet, then come and join us!

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