Our Brand Safety Solutions

In today's content-driven landscape, advertisers must prioritize safe and compliant environments with high-quality content to build trust and loyalty.


Avoiding association with inappropriate content is crucial for a robust brand. Thus, online brand safety becomes a top priority for digital companies, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Brand Solution

How does AdSecure help?

At present, AdSecure offers cutting-edge solutions that provide comprehensive coverage for monitoring users' ad environment. Our services assist advertisers and brands in safeguarding and enhancing their positive reputation, thereby reinforcing their online brand safety strategy.

This powerful feature ensures that our users' marketing strategies align with their brand's values while also directly protecting their revenue, compliance, and end users.


Easy steps:

1. Set up your Keyword List

The user is able to select a list of pre-defined keywords, for example “Offensive Content”; or define their own keywords lists such as: erotic, weapon, drugs, etc., to suit their compliance needs.

Keywords Brand Safety 2


2A. Create automated projects with a pixel tracker

A pixel tracker is a small, transparent image file that is placed on a website or in an ad. When a user accesses the website or loads the ad, the tracker sends a GET request to our backend with the referer field in the HTTP headers, allowing us to determine the origin web page. 

2B. Quick analyses

Users can also create one-time quick scans with given URLs and keyword lists. AdSecure will automatically identify and report non-compliant or unwanted keywords present on the publishers' web pages in order to avoid the ads being displayed next to inappropriate or irrelevant website content. 

 3. Get real-time notifications

AdSecure will send users a real-time notification whenever any chosen keywords are detected on the pages, and violations will be reported in our user interface, giving users detailed information so they can take action accordingly or send such reports to the partners to resolve the issue.