Client Case Study: BidVertiser

49% of the total detections were User Security violations


What does Bidvertiser do?

Bidvertiser is a self-serve ad platform that connects thousands of advertisers and publishers, providing an optimal match between them through its modern in-house technology and high-quality ad delivery. Since 2008, they have expanded their services to mobile, programmatic buying and selling, and recently focusing on their Demand Side Platform.


With billions of ads delivered daily, Bidvertiser cares about their clients’ needs and tailors a state-of-art ad serving platform to deliver the best results.


For publishers, they offer a real-time monetization model and integrate ad quality tools in order to guarantee publishers’ constant revenue returns and safe ad serving. On the advertiser side, they also provide a reliable and transparent platform with robust targeting and tracking capabilities, allowing advertisers to choose multiple ad formats and automatically optimize their ad campaigns.

B V1

What does Bidvertiser need from AdSecure?

Bidvertiser takes ad safety very seriously. Not only do they have a dedicated compliance team, but also their ads are regularly scanned 24×7 by internal and 3rd party ad quality tools. They use AdSecure as an additional layer of protection to better control their ad supply chain and ensure all advertisements they serve to their partners and end users are clean and of high quality.


What’s more important, Bidvertiser constantly performs scans with residential proxies in order to prevent cloaking attacks from happening on their ad network. Ad cloakers typically use detection tools that can analyze and identify scanning or “non-user” environments. They are then able to change the ads’ behaviors by hiding the real malicious URLs within lines of code in order to bypass ad scanning or compliance checks. AdSecure’s residential proxies have effectively helped Bidvertiser monitor campaigns of a higher level of risk. For example, campaigns that are coming from sources with a previous history of malicious activity, or from new third-party partners where the relationship is still developing trust and confidence.

B V2

What was the outcome?

In the first two quarters of 2022, AdSecure helped Bidvertiser identify around 29k violations from the campaigns being scanned. 49% of the total violations were User Security violations – malicious URLs, unwanted programs, and malware violations were on the list. For violations under the User Experience category, AdSecure successfully detected Permission Notification, Back Button Hijack, Javascript Alerts, and Auto-Download Violations. AdSecure also helped Bidvertiser prevent their end users from having unpleasant and negative browsing experiences, as well as supporting them to maintain brand reputation and partners’ trust.
B V3

Regarding the scanning results from residential proxies, as can be seen in the graph below, the ratios between Total number of violations and Number of analyses for Standard datacenter and Residential proxies were 1.13 and 1.37, respectively. This indicates that more violations were detected per analysis using residential proxies than standard datacenter. Therefore, we can conclude that AdSecure effectively assisted Bidvertiser in detecting more violations using the residential bandwidth, and helped them achieve their goals of beating cloaking attacks.



"The chase after ad quality is not that different from the Virus and Antivirus chase. You can’t stand still. AdSecure does not. They update their scanning algorithm, devices and procedures on a daily basis and they are chasing the bad ads in a way that helps us protect our publishers in the best way possible. Achieving 100% at 100% of the time is not possible in this field of action, for no one, but AdSecure is doing any effort possible to get there. We sleep better at night knowing that AdSecure is on our six."

Shahar Jacobi,
CEO at Bidvertiser