Client Case Study: Evadav

How Real-time ad observation helped block malicious ad campaigns


Since March 2023, the leading advertising platform Evadav has been collaborating with AdSecure, one of the best malvertising detection solutions for ad networks, to keep their advertiser campaigns clean and compliant, in order to provide a safe and satisfactory navigation experience for the online end user, whilst also ensuring that their advertiser clients continue to maximize results and promote their business’ growth. In this Evadav ad network case study we tell you about their collaboration: How Evadav promotes ad quality and safety with AdSecure’s real-time ad compliance tools, and the results after the first 30 days - Keep reading to find out!

What does Evadav do? is the premier destination for advertisers looking to maximize their online advertising efforts. As a leading ad network and ad platform, Evadav offers a comprehensive range of ad formats including in-page, push, native, and pops. With a strong focus on affiliates and advertisers, Evadav provides a seamless advertising experience, delivering exceptional results and driving success. If you are an advertiser using Evadav, you'll benefit from the comprehensive features and intuitive interface. Their user-friendly platform allows you to easily set up and manage your ad campaigns, providing you with full control over your advertising efforts. With detailed reporting tools, you'll gain valuable insights into the performance of your campaigns, enabling you to optimize and refine your strategies for maximum results.


In summary, Evadav is the go-to ad network and ad platform for advertisers seeking effective and impactful advertising solutions. With their leading ad formats including in-page, push, native, and pops, they empower advertisers to captivate their audience and achieve their advertising objectives - Their advanced targeting capabilities, top traffic geos, and diverse verticals ensure that all ads reach the right people at the right time.


One of the key aspects that sets Evadav apart is its commitment to preventing fraud and ensuring a secure advertising environment. By leveraging advanced technologies and real-time monitoring, Evadav effectively prevents fraudulent activities, protecting advertisers from malicious traffic and maintaining the integrity of their campaigns.


AdSecure’s real-time ad compliance and malvertising blocking

In order to provide their publishers with a high level of verification and protection while maximizing profits, Evadav adopted AdSecure, the best malvertising detection solution for ad networks, as their ad quality partner. AdSecure's malvertising prevention & ad quality solutions aid Evadav in preventing bad ads, to procure the best possible and most optimized experience for the end users. This process is done on air, preventing malicious ad campaigns and suspicious traffic from ever reaching their clients’ advertisers, thus blocking bad quality ads on their end before that traffic comes to the external programmatic auction. The advertising campaigns audit process is held in four stages at Evadav: ( Source: Evadav blog - Phishing will not pass: how do we control the quality of partners’ ads?)

Stage 1: Pre-launch check before the advertiser ad campaigns go live

Stage 2: AdSecure campaign landing and creatives check

Stage 3: Active monitoring of ad campaigns

Stage 4: Real-time malicious ad campaigns blocking

AdSecure is involved in 3 out of 4 of Evadav’s campaign monitoring process stages:

Stage 2: At this stage, AdSecure checks the direct campaign links to verify if all creatives and landing pages comply with Evadav's advertising guidelines.

Stage 3: This stage starts when the advertiser campaigns have gone live and are active. At this point, AdSecure continues analyzing and interacting with these ads as a real user would, reporting in detail on the campaign's redirects and landing content.

Stage 4: At the final stage, whenever a violation is detected, Evadav receives AdSecure's callback notification and blocks such campaigns on its network instantly.

What did AdSecure help Evadav achieve in 30 days?

As we can see in this Evadav ad network case study, since March 2023, Evadav and AdSecure have been collaborating on contributing to building a safer and friendlier internet environment for online end users. During the month of March, AdSecure's real-time ad compliance tool detected a total number of 131,685 violations and helped Evadav effectively prevent serious compliance incidents from happening on their platform. Malicious URL, Back Button Hijack, Auto-redirect, and Browser Locker are among the top violations detected by AdSecure. In the graphs below you can see a violation report with the names and percentages of each violation, and the top 5 GEOs where most violations occurred during the first month:

As we can see, the top 5 violations detected were: Threat-intelligence, which was nearly 40% of total violations detected Malicious-url-sucuri - around 25% of violations detected Back-button-hijack - around 20% of violations detected Permission-notification and unsafe-content-adult were around 10% of violations detected Evadav ad network case study Graph: Top 5 locations where violations were detected

The top 5 GEOs where violations were detected, as we can see on the image above, are: USA, with 2,295 violations detected CHN, with 1,975 violations detected DEU, with 1,956 violations detected DNK, with 1,947 violations detected NOR, with 1,941 violations detected Below you can see a Scareware violation detected by AdSecure’s real-time ad compliance on a live advertiser campaign, which was then blocked by Evadav’s platform:

With the help of AdSecure's Analytical Dashboard, Evadav's compliance team and account managers can also have better visibility of malvertising patterns, such as the targeting devices, browsers, and geolocations of malicious campaigns, helping to take further action to prevent them in the future. We believe that with the continuation of Evadav and AdSecure's partnership, Evadav will keep maintaining a high-quality digital environment for more and more users to enjoy a safe and pleasant browsing experience, as well as efficiently improving their partners' trust by delivering clean and compliant ads.


Following we can see the client's testimonial commenting on the benefits of the AdSecure integration to the Evadav platform:

"Evadav uses AdSecure for all needs of scanning and checking ad campaigns, ensuring that non-compliant ads will not get online. The advantage of integration is that now Evadav, by improving the monitoring of advertising campaigns, will be able to clean advertising feeds, cutting out dishonest advertisers to ensure the highest ad standards in the advertising industry."




As you can see in AdSecure's latest Violation Report, almost 1 in 20 scans detected 4 or more violations in a malicious ad campaign!

It is the responsibility of all players in the Adtech Industry including ad networks to keep a safe and clean online environment, in order to keep the online end user safe and promote brand safety in online advertising. Evadav has been doing their part by ensuring that their advertiser campaigns’ ad supply chain is free of malvertising attempts and bad ads from beginning to end, at all stages: From pre-launch, to campaign delivery.

Same as in this Evadav ad network case study, you can too prevent Cybercriminal activity affecting end users and your clients’ brand safety in online advertising by integrating AdSecure, the best malvertising detection solution for ad networks, to your business - Why not try out our 14-day free trial and see what AdSecure can do for your online ad business?