Client Case Study: EXADS

How a SaaS ad serving platform uses AdSecure to provide a full malvertising and ad quality control solution for its clients


What does EXADS do?

EXADS is an ad-serving SaaS platform that supplies the ad-serving technology for several global ad networks and high-traffic websites, serving +11 billion daily ad impressions.

What did EXADS need from AdSecure?

Ad networks that were already working with both EXADS and AdSecure expressed a need to better manage the security and safety of the ads that they serve. Because AdSecure has a ready made API, it was easy and straightforward for EXADS to integrate this into their platform. The API provided automatic and real-time solutions in order to help EXADS’ clients improve the integrity of their networks and offer instant protections to each Ad network’s Publisher clients, which in turn protected their end users against malvertising threats.

Why EXADS needed AdSecure

Many of EXADS’ clients don’t have the resources to offer a complete Compliance solution. The pre-existing integration of AdSecure’s API allows clients to benefit from having a full malvertising and ad quality control system. AdSecure scans ad campaigns before they launch and while the campaigns are running, to detect in real-time any type of violation using their industry-leading arsenal of detection solutions. EXADS’ clients now have the tools to reject, suspend, and monitor all their ad campaigns for malicious activity.

How AdSecure addressed this need

AdSecure’s callback and API ability have enabled EXADS to automate the way that their clients can stop malvertising threats. When issues are detected, via the API callback system, campaigns are rejected automatically and instantaneously. Additionally, AdSecure’s ability to detect all forms of malvertising, bad practices and ads that do not meet the industry’s IAB standards ensures that EXADS is realising its ambition to provide a safe and secure experience for both ad related businesses and end users.

What are the key features that EXADS can now provide to their clients?

Because of EXADS integration with AdSecure, the SaaS platform can now offer the following anti-malvertising and ad quality control features to its clients:

  • Integration with a flexible API callback system that is tailored to each client’s requirements
  • Automatic scanning of ads
  • Real-time detection of malvertising
  • Real-time detection of fake logos and non-compliant ad creatives
  • Ability to automatically apply relevant labels to ads
  • Ability to automatically block and remove problematic ads
  • Ability to automatically suspend offending advertisers
  • Automatic violation alert notifications system

Essentially, through the API and callback system, EXADS clients have a flexible and tailor made system that can define what violations they want AdSecure to detect, what automatic actions they want EXADS to take on different violation types, and identify which ad campaigns and advertisers are causing violations. This offers EXADS’ clients the ability to take down offending ads automatically, instantly saving time and resources in the process.

What was the outcome?

From Q1 to Q2 2021, AdSecure has helped EXADS clients detect a total number of 9,242,882 violations. The graph below shows the scanning activity for the last 6 months, which displays the number of analyses, violations, and alerts that occurred. The scanning activities seem to be continuous and stable. Here we can see the amount of detected violations by category:

"EXADS chose to work with AdSecure because their technology is the most up to date in the industry. This was very important to us, because cyber criminals spend everyday using technology to develop new ways to exploit end users for financial gain. We want to ensure that our clients have the best tools at hand to detect any malicious activity on their networks. AdSecure’s API integration is easy and customisable in order to meet each client’s individual needs and it works in real-time, giving clients full control over their ad supply chain. Working with AdSecure has lifted our SaaS platform way ahead of our competitors by offering a fully comprehensive ad compliance solution to our clients."

Barry O´Sullivan,
EXADS Product Director.