Client Case Study: Exoclick

AdSecure’s Push Locker Detection a Game Changer for ExoClick


Established in 2006, ExoClick is one of the largest entertainment ad networks in the world, serving 8.5 billion daily ad impressions across a global network of publisher sites. ExoClick allows clients to use their platform via self-service or programmatically with a powerful RTB engine.


"ExoClick uses AdSecure exclusively for all our ad scanning needs as it offers full global network coverage in terms of protection, ensuring that no ad in violation of our rules gets into our network."

Bryan McDonald, Compliance Director at ExoClick
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What ExoClick needed from AdSecure

ExoClick takes the experience of internet users seriously and AdSecure ensures that ExoClick can prevent ads circulating that negatively impact that experience. With a huge daily impressions volume ExoClick needed an ad security platform that provided network wide protection. ExoClick’s Compliance Team works 24/7, 7 days a week to manually approve and check campaigns. The addition of AdSecure ensured the network had an additional compliance tool that is fully automated, optimised, and always updated with the latest detection technology. AdSecure ensures that, if any bad ad is detected both pre and post-campaign launch, it is quickly identified and instantly removed from the network.
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Why ExoClick needed AdSecure

After migrating its scanning needs to AdSecure, ExoClick saw a 279% decrease in monthly violations compared to the previous year, which is an impressive drop. ExoClick is currently running at record low violation figures. In fact, April 2021 was ExoClick's lowest yet in terms of malvertising threats. Additionally, in the past, ExoClick had been targeted by malvertisers with Push Lockers. These lock the browsers on mobile devices making them practically unusable. This is a violation of ExoClicks rules and malvertisers try to inject them once campaigns have been approved and launched. Because AdSecure has a unique detection for Push Lockers, these have been eliminated on ExoClick's platform.
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How AdSecure addressed this need

AdSecures API and callback ability have enabled ExoClick to automate the way that it handles malvertising threats. When issues are detected, via the API callback system, they are rejected automatically and instantaneously. Additionally, AdSecure's ability to detect many forms of malvertising, bad practices as well as ads that go against IAB standards ensure ExoClick‘s ambition of protecting a user’s internet experience is fully achieved.
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How does AdSecure help?

We understand that as one of the biggest online advertising companies globally, it is essential for ExoClick to have a high quality and comprehensive ad verification tool like AdSecure to build a clean digital ad environment for their end users and deliver amazing user browsing experiences.


In order to help ExoClick to achieve their goals, AdSecure provides a rigorous multi-format monitoring solution that applies up to 10 million scans on a monthly basis. Together with the Ad Discovery and Threat Intelligence features, AdSecure carries out an effective and automated scanning activity on all different types of ad formats, targeting high profile GEOs, browsers, and devices at all times during a given day. Here is a graph example showing the scanning activity for April 2021. As is shown, AdSecure’s stable and constant monitoring assists ExoClick in identifying and eliminating non-compliant and low-quality ads in real time, thus AdSecure effectively helps ExoClick avoid delivering bad ads and ensures that their publishers’ reputations are kept intact.

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The outcome

AdSecures Push Locker detection was not only a revelation for ExoClick, but so was the introduction of other detections such as IAB standards for display banner formats.  All of this contributes to providing the highest standards within the ad industry in terms of user friendliness and helping the internet become a safer place to browse.


"AdSecures platform was revamped a few months ago to make it seamless and smooth to create scanning projects that can be easily tailored to our needs in a manner of only a few clicks. Any new client to Adsecure should have no trouble being able to navigate the panel. If you want to protect the users of your website, ensuring they have a positive experience on site, AdSecure is the way to go"
Bryan McDonald,
Compliance Director at ExoClick