Client Case Study: Monetizer

An average of 138,756 violations detected each month


What does Monetizer do?

Monetizer is a revolutionary monetization platform that helps traffic sources, publishers & ad networks monetize their global inventory and helps advertisers engage with audiences to generate huge lead volumes. With over 6 billion visitors monetized each month, they are one of the leading monetization solutions in the world. Monetizer goes beyond monetizing remnant traffic only: they serve ads across all mobile mainstream media such as popunder, display, social, and email traffic!

What Monetizer needed from AdSecure

In order to optimise their client’s ad inventory and measure their ad performance, Monetizer uses AdSecure to mitigate the risks of fraudulent ad placements and sensitive content with preset filters, which helps their clients to keep their brand reputation high and increase revenue growth. AdSecure’s API and callback ability have enabled Monetizer to automate their monitoring of the ads being delivered and to be notified whenever there are malwartising threats or non-compliant issues.

Why they needed it

As a platform having billions of impressions delivered monthly, Monetizer not only optimizes their clients' ad inventory with the most engaging ad formats, but also measures their ad performance with fine-grained analytics in real-time. Therefore, having a high quality and comprehensive ad solution is essential for Monetizer to help their clients to boost site performance as well as deliver complete transparency and control for their ad ops team.

What was the outcome

For the first 6 months of 2021, AdSecure has helped Monetizer detect a total number of 832,541 violations. The below graph shows the scanning activity from January to June this year and it provides an understanding as to how AdSecure actively and constantly helped Monetizer monitor their campaigns and keep their end user safe and engaged.

AdSecure also identified the top 5 GEOs where the most critical violations came from. This has helped Monetizer recognize which GEOs bad players were most prolific with their malvertising campaigns the most, and ultimately analyze the latest cybercriminal trends.

AdSecure will keep providing constant monitoring and protection for Monetizer’s ad supply chain, in order to ensure they achieve their ultimate goal in protecting clients and end users within their digital ads ecosystem.



" We are very happy that we have found such a great solution in AdSecure, helping us to go that extra mile when it comes to a clean and compliant ad inventory. Meeting client expectations when it comes to compliance can be challenging in a partnership, by utilizing AdSecure’s ad intelligence, we have now been able to step up our game in this area significantly. "

Franz Kanehl,
Managing Partner at Monetizer.