Client Case Study: Pushground

AdSecure achieved great results

in detecting Tech Support landing pages


In this client case study, we demonstrate how AdSecure helps Push Ad network Pushground detect and stop Scareware, Back Button Hijack, Malicious URLs, Javascript Alerts on Entry/Exit, Auto-redirects, and many more malvertising violations. Pushground uses AdSecure’s API for real-time malvertising protection. This has enabled Pushground to have an automated real-time ad compliance and ad security solution. Let's dive into the case study.

What does Pushground do?

Pushground is a self-service advertising network providing comprehensive advertising and ad optimization solutions for ad agencies, marketers, and affiliates. They deliver high-quality ad traffic through 2 proven ad formats: Push Ads and In-Page Push, across all verticals including mobile apps, games, dating, crypto, antivirus and VPN, etc.


Apart from their classic push traffic, they also have Pushground+ which includes exclusive traffic from top-quality websites with premium qualified users. In order to deliver high-quality content to end users and maintain a positive brand reputation, Pushground has strict Creative Restrictions and Creative Specifications that their campaigns must adhere to. This ensures that the content being delivered to their partners is safe, secure, and optimized for conversions. Also ensuring end users are protected from malicious ad campaigns and have a positive user experience.

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Why does Pushground need AdSecure?


Pushground is a powerful platform that is built for speed, therefore, one of its greatest features is allowing users to launch new campaigns immediately with their instant campaign approval and real-time data aggregation. This way, Pushground's clients can focus more on creating ads, analyzing campaigns, and optimizing results. In addition, they can concentrate on setting up complex A/B tests and other effective campaign experiments. 

Instant campaign approval is definitely great news for advertisers. However, it comes with a risk of campaign quality and security issues for publishers and end users. Here is where AdSecure comes into play. Pushground integrates with AdSecure via its API. It sends all of its active campaigns to AdSecure to scan for malvertising and non-compliant ads in real time. Whenever critical violations are detected, Pushground receives notifications from AdSecure via the API callback system. These campaigns are then instantly rejected on their platform automatically. The automated compliance solution provided by AdSecure is essential help for the Pushground ad operations team. The team avoids having to manually review the campaign creatives and landing pages while ensuring that all content going through their ad network meets IAB industry standards and is malvertising free.

Due to the changing nature of ads and the different parameters used to trigger malicious or non-compliant activity, Pushground scans their campaigns several times a day in order to increase the detection rate. This is because players with bad intentions will not always have their attacks active, but will spread them out throughout different days, at different hours, from different locations, etc.

How AdSecure helped deliver real-time malvertising protection

AdSecure has been providing Pushground with 360-degree protection and coverage for over a year now, and has achieved great results in detecting malicious ad campaign attacks on their ad network, especially Tech Support and Fake Virus Alert landing pages. Whenever such landing pages are live, AdSecure instantly detects them and reports everything to Pushground in order to stop the malicious campaigns from running.

Apart from Scareware detections, AdSecure also provides extensive detections of other User Security and User Experience violations. Back Button Hijack, Malicious URLs, Javascript Alerts on Entry/Exit, and Auto-redirects are among the top violations. Top violations detected by AdSecure on the Pushground platform in the past 6 months

According to AdSecure's Violations Report 2022, 1 in 4 ads scanned contained at least one violation that could harm end user safety or cause a negative browsing experience. We advocate that more and more companies focus on their advertising quality and security, just like responsible ad network Pushground. Not only does this ensure the quality of their ad delivery through integrating either in-house solutions or external scanning tools, it also protects Pushground's online brand safety image and Pushground is contributing to help maintain a safe and trustworthy ad ecosystem.

Are you impressed with AdSecure's real-time malvertising protection? Why not test out our 14-day free trial and see what AdSecure can do for your online ad business?