Client Case Study: Richads

In one quarter AdSecure detected 91,460 violations


What does RichAds do?

RichAds is a global self-serve ad network that was developed especially for performance-marketers. The platform allows users to test and scale their performance marketing campaigns using powerful ad formats: push and pops.

Why RichAds needed AdSecure?

RichAds provides Direct Purchases(PMP) advertising solutions. In order to help their clients optimize their campaigns to ensure a smooth media-buying process and achieve the desired goals, they integrate advanced AI-based optimization tools as well as built-in malware scanning and ad quality solutions such as AdSecure, within their platform.


AdSecure helps RichAds protect their whole ad supply chain by detecting any ad quality issues, which assists them in building a secure and high-standard media-buying ecosystem for their users to be able to run performance campaigns profitably. AdSecure’s user-friendly and intuitive user interface also matches RichAds’ ideology in delivering an advanced and intuitive user experience.


As a platform having 5+ billion impressions delivered per day, it is very essential for RichAds to have high-quality and comprehensive ad solutions to deliver complete transparency and control for their ad ops team.


What was the outcome?

From the 3rd quarter of 2021 until the end of the year, AdSecure helped RichAds detect a total number of 91,460 violations among 85 geolocations. We are especially happy to see a significant decrease in malware attacks during this period of time, as shown in the graphs below.

AdSecure not only helped RichAds reduce user security violations on their platform, but also detected user experience violations in order to help optimize their ad quality and ad performance by monitoring the campaigns continuously and in real time. That being said, even if the advertiser changes the landing page after the campaign is approved, AdSecure would still keep actively monitoring the ad’s redirection paths and notify RichAds whenever there are any user experience violations detected, so their ad opts team could take action on the campaigns from their side instantly.

AdSecure will keep exploring the most front-line technology to innovate within the industry and help Richads maintain a high-quality digital ads environment that meets the industry standard.


"AdSecure provides our company the best solution for preventing suspicious campaigns, and helps to keep the best traffic for our partners."

Vladislav Makarevich,
Head of Moderation & Creatives