Client Case Study: Traffic Force

Detection of 475,618 violations in one quarter


What does TrafficForce do?

TrafficForce is a fast-growing ad network serving user-friendly, high-quality ads that are viewed by real people. Privately funded by industry veterans with over two decades of experience connecting consumers with brands, TrafficForce provides full-service media execution for brands, agencies and direct marketers driving performance objectives.
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"We can offer SSL secure ads, thanks to AdSecure’s capability of detecting SSL non-compliant violations."

Ross Allan,
Advertising & Marketing Executive at TrafficForce

What TrafficForce needed from AdSecure

As an ad network delivering ads seen by billions, TrafficForce cares about its traffic quality and client’s ad revenue. In order to monitor their ad quality and ensure ad safety, TrafficForce utilises AdSecure – the powerful ad verification tool to scan every ad that goes live on their network, to stop any malicious advertising. At the moment TrafficForce is also offering SSL secure ads, thanks to AdSecure’s capability of detecting SSL non-compliant violations.
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Why they needed it

Being a state-of-the-art supply-side platform, TrafficForce’s technology allows them to connect publisher client traffic directly to more than 100 demand-side partners, thus increasing revenues for publishers. Therefore, it is essential for TrafficForce to use AdSecure for real-time monitoring and protection against their ad supply chain. This is imperative to detect and eliminate potential security risks and non-compliant issues within their ad delivery. AdSecure, powered by modern browser technology, effectively helps TrafficForce filter out malicious or low performance campaigns so as to optimise their publishers' site performance as well as revenue growth.

The outcome

Based on the scanning result over the 1st quarter in 2021, AdSecure has helped TrafficForce detect a total number of 475,618 violations. Critical violations can be broken down into two categories: user security and user experience:

As shown in the table, between January and March, there was a complete elimination of Browser locker, Phishing, and Malware attacks. TrafficForce was also happy to see a significant 67% decrease in Scareware, as well as a remarkable improvement in reducing Malicious URLs.
Apart from user security issues, AdSecure also alerts TrafficForce whenever there are poor user experience violations detected, such as Landing page error, Permission notifications, Back button hijack, and Auto-redirects. It’s worth noticing that by the end of the first quarter, Auto-redirect violations had decreased by 68%. The detections for poor user experience violations have helped TrafficForce to be able to identify and remove low quality ads.

These results show that AdSecure has effectively helped TrafficForce:

+ Maintain a high-quality digital ads environment that meets the industry standard
+ Keep end users engaging with their ad network are safe and satisfied.
+ Ensure great publishers’ site performance as well as revenue growth.

AdSecure continues to provide constant monitoring and protection for TrafficForce’s ad supply chain.

" Working with AdSecure is a pleasure, they offer a highly dedicated and professional service with a great team of people always on hand to answer any questions we have or offer advice to keep our network protected. AdSecure has the best security scanning we have encountered, we’ve used all the competitors in the past and no one can touch the accuracy of AdSecure! "


Ross Allan,
Advertising & Marketing Executive at TrafficForce