Ad Quality


Active Monitoring

Monitor active campaigns to detect and eliminate a large range of violations including malware, redirects & unsafe content.


Ad Discovery

Multi-format ad monitoring across your site & mobile pages.

teal time blocking

Real-time blocking

A powerful last line of defense. Block malvertising, redirects & other issues in real-time at page level.

suspicius TLD-01

Suspicious TLD detection

Malvertisers buy sub domains, we identify them

IAB standards

Optimise ad quality. Drive user engagement & sustained revenue growth. Continuous monitoring ensures your ads perform within industry standards for 100% Google compliance:

  • Ad dimension
  • Ad weight
  • Ad request count
  • Ad file compression


Publishers need top notch ad quality that is free from malvertising to ensure end users have an enjoyable experience on their site. This brings a higher CTR which in turn drives up advertiser demand for your ad zones increasing your CPMs.

Ad Networks and Ad Operations Teams

Ad networks and ad operations team want the ads they are serving to meet industry standards and be free of malvertising throughout the entire ad flow from ad to landing page. This enhances their reputation and keeps their networks clean.