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Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence assesses the probability and the severity of the campaign’s URLs threat by rating it’s risk from 1 (low) to 5 (severe) acting as the first line of defense, eliminating potential risks before going live.

Threat Intelligence is a powerful service that provides insight regarding a specific URL’s violation activity. It provides an indication on a scale from 0 to 5 of how risky you can consider the URL is, and how problematic the behaviour of a particular URL will be.

The tool aggregates the data of the full redirection chain and all detected violations in a meaningful graph database. Not only does it allow you to uncover relationships between domains and discover patterns across networks, you can also observe the evolution of the domains’ safety over time.

Use the default violation weight map to determine how the risk assessment score is calculated, or set your own weights and to customize the calculus of the risk for specific needs.

The Threat Intelligence service can be accessed in three ways:

In the user interface of the AdSecure platform for routine spot checks.

Via API to automate your risk assessment process.

Via a local API to block suspicious programmatic bid responses in real-time.

Note that using Threat Intelligence doesn't consume any scans, making it an excellent way to perform a pre-flight check and to enhance and optimise your live daily monitoring.